Salmon Sushi with Soya-sauce

Salmon Sushi taste like a breezing cold mist isolated in your throat. Rice is rough and salmon is smooth. Soya sauce is a salty sweet taste which sticks on the top of your mouth.

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End of High Diaries

I’ve realise that half the time - I spend it drawing. I think I’ve got enough of experimenting. I’ll still be uploading photos of my bud and rolls though.

Kief Collector

I really want a kief collector, but I don’t know where to get one :(

High Diaries #4

High Diaries #4 - Tuesday, October 29th 2013 (Night)

So, the night began behind a sketchy alley way in a building. Had met up with a few of my friends, and and they were already high.

Night began with a round of nazi zombies, where I was completely zoned out. Speaking of which, it was the new strain of weed that my friend had picked up for me. The joint I rolled was thin and smoking was so smooth. I also got high really quickly, which hit me faster than I thought it would.

So, while we were playing some games. I had a brownie that my friend gave me, and the chocolate brownie simply exploded in flavors like a rainbow. I still find it amazing how our senses strengthen while you’re high. When I ate an ice cream that I had purchased right after the brownie - it gave me a numbing pain which I assume is suppose to be a brain freeze. I couldn’t get out of the high zone for a bit which was really good, and the music my mate was playing just was blooming in and out of my ears like a tornado.

Also, when I was listening to recent modern pop music, if I concentrate I could bring down the quality of the acoustics. As though - as I was bringing down the quality of the acoustics in terms of beats per minute. It sounded like I was going down into zone of musical history.

I can’t explain to you how it felt, but I hope you understand the point that I’m trying to get to.

Pick up #1

Latest pick up - got it through a friend who purchases in the four digit figure. Smell is strong, came in a plastic bag. Photo posted below. Haven’t smoked it yet - but it’s green and smells amazingly strong even after being sealed in a plastic bag.